Tuesday, May 11, 2010

When the limitations of publishing beat you to the punch

I have always hated looking at the stacks at Strand or going to B&N and seeing a book that looks interesting but never bought it due to price or unsure interest level.

As I was looking through sci-fi books to recommend to my husband I came across an Anne McCaffrey book that I saw in the store a few years back that I thought would be interesting:

From B&N

Her name was Killashandra Ree. And after ten grueling years of musical training, she was still without prospects. Until she heard of the mysterious Heptite Guild who could provide careers, security, and wealth beyond imagining. The problem was, few people who landed on Ballybran ever left. But to Killashandra the risks were acceptable....

And because I was stupid I didn't buy it when I saw it. So of course three years later when I'm looking for a book to read and I'm searching my bookstores I find part two. I don't know about the rest of you but I have to read a series in order.

Anyhoo, it happened to me with Dawn Cook, Anne McCaffrey and it's happening to me now with everyone from Merline Lovelace, Kathryne Kennedy and Victoria Thompson.

Thank goodness for Amazon.

However, the pain of realizing about three months down the road that you were actually interested in that random book that you saw but didn't think it would make sense to buy is actually gone and the sequel is coming out- ugh ick eep. Pain.

Any pain points of ya'll out there?

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