Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Darkly Luminous Fight for Miss Persephone Parker - Review

First of let me just say that Leanna Renee Hieber is a magical writer. While the prose in this book could've been tighter, it still contained an ethereal quality that both moved the reader and the plot.

Percy is back in this installment as Mrs. Alexi Rychmann, the wife of her beloved from the last book. Alexi is also her destiny. Unfortunately one cannot succumb to the joys of marital bliss when a dead God wants to take you back to the Underworld as payback for a Goddess' actions. You see, Percy is kind of sort a Goddess or at least a mortal carnation of one. Except she's also not. She has no memory of anything that Persephone did, has no wish to be pulled and poked by a story that should have ended long ago and frankly she's a little scared and tired of the visions that she keeps having.

But with the War between the Whisper-world and reality inching ever so closer, Percy, her husband and their friends have little choice in whether or not they want to comply. They were born to stand at the ready and unfortunately happiness has to take a backseat.

But it is something to fight for.

This book seems like the conclusion of the Percy books - making it two in total, and it was a nice ending. The battles and the war were big and the depth of emotion at things lost, betrayed or gained was almost tangible. Percy also grew a spine in this book, which is perfect because her husband could be quite overpowering and bossy, not to mention that in order for her to win the war, Percy needed to grow a pair.

This book is a 4.59 because again the prose could have been tighter and some of the story lines (early on) could've been less vague. Over all, it's a good ending to Percy and The Guard's fight.

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