Monday, August 9, 2010

Another Sprained Ankle

So the most recent book that I've reviewed. I've been reading a lot of Graphic Novels (yay for Preacher and the Runaways) and am currently reading a Nora Roberts book which I shall both praise and probably critique. Until then, I'm going to drink my Presidente Light, read some NR and try to right while my ankle rests elevated on some pillows.


** spoiler alert **  

This installment is just as heartwrenching as any of the others. There are too many things to actually go on about so I'll just pick a few.

The theme of this book seemed to be about Home and Trust. How the two are connected and what it means to be without both and then find your way back.

The story of the Devourer and the Elemental Garden, toward the end of the book, seems to mirror the relationship of Severn and Kaylin. It's clear that Severn is in love with her (at least to me) and he goes on at one point, in order to save her, to let her know why he loves her. Of course he doesn't say that he's 'in love with her' but I think that with the two of them, they don't need to. When the question is brought up in passing, Kaylin can't answer why she loves Severn - she's too afraid - but she can talk about why she trusts him, which seems to be more important.

The Devourer has lost much and in the path of his wreckage, in the pursuit of finding that which he has lost, he receives a second chance and is brought back to his maker/punisher/lover the four elements. Much like Severn, who lives with the choice of killing Steffi & Jade - an act that should have been done by Kaylin - everyday and is forced to live with the fact that the person he loves is hurting and partly sculpted by his actions, I would imagine, is nothing short of torture.

As for Kaylin, she is still angry (who wouldn't be) but she is also angry with herself. Love is thrown around in as a concept but never exchanged between any of the characters. Making certain scenes a bit sterile and a little stunted.

The fact that Nightshade kisses Kaylin made my eyebrow raise for two reasons. Kaylin seems to so asexual at this point that it is hard for me to think of her with anyone and secondly, I want her to eventually be with Severn! Which would be hard but everything in life worth having is.

However, a Nightshade interlude would be quite interesting.

The dreaded Emperor meeting may be happening soon and I can only hope that Kaylin grows up just a little bit more so that she is confident in herself as well as her abilities.

How come Severn doesn't have a possible love interest? Why is everyone so celibate?!

Sorry that was a random thought. Anyhoo, it was nice to see Tiamaris and Ybelline (sp). Can't wait for the next installment

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